A voyage to find the replica of Coconut Water

Tender Coconut Water (TCW) has sodium for salts lost during sweat (best in summer), enough Potassium for muscle recovery (after heavy workout). Bottling or powdering of coconut water not only reduces the cost of bulk freighting and transportation of immature coconuts over long distances, but it enhances the shelf-life, adds value and generates income and employment for small farmers and coconut water processors.

Moreover, coconut trees can be found in hot and wet tropical climates. In India, southern states produce almost 90% of total coconuts (refer fig 1).

Fig 1: Coconut production (in million nuts) state wise 2018-19[1]

In this post I will explain how one can get sip coconut water irrespective of where you stay. In table 1 I have compared some available alternatives.

 Tender Coconut water [2]NaturUp Tender coconut water powder mix [3]Chi 100% coconut water [4]
Total Carbhohydrates (g) 5.14.8
Sugar (g)4.45 
Pottassium (mg)290255182
Calcium (mg)44713.1
Sodium (mg)425 
Phosphosros (mg)9.2212
Magnesium (mg)1025.96
Iron (mg)79  
Copper (mg)26  
Energy (kcal) 2019
Table 1 Comparison of Coconut water by different products (per 100 ml)

Due to transportation costs and less shell life cost per 100 ml of tender coconut water turns out to be Rs 25 (cost varies depending on the location). Whereas NaturUp Coconut powder mix turns out to be Rs 6 per 100 ml. It is clear from the table that potassium is almost equal but it lacks sodium. For muscle recovery NaturUp can be used but in summer it can’t restore the salts. NaturUp can be bought from Flipkart and Amazon.

My motivation: This article is dedicated to my sister. Every morning she would disturb my sleep and force me to get the Coconut. I guess I have made my move (and saved my sleep). Thanks NaturUp!


  1. https://www.coconutboard.gov.in/presentation/statistics/statistics.aspx
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  3. https://www.flipkart.com/naturup-tender-coconut-water-powder-mix-nutrition-drink/p/itm8c74166f1b25e?pid=ESRF8RVACYAZTEUQ&cmpid=product.share.pp
  4. https://www.chilondon.com/blog/product/100-pure-coconut-water/

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